Janazah Services

Janazah services for the ICCSC community is handled by ISGC Masjid (Plaza Masjid). Location for Cemetery:

6928 The Plaza Charlotte, NC 28215
ISGC Tel: (704)536-2016

Quran quote:
(منها خلقناكم وفيها نعيدكم ومنها نخرجكم تارةً أخرى )
"(From the earth) we have created you, and into it we shall return you, and from it we shall bring you out once again." (20:55)

Death is inevitable and unpredictable and no one knows when and where it will occur. Every Muslim should always be ready to leave this world and meet the Creator: “Then he caused him to die and be buried." (80:21)

Application Form for Burial includes authorization, consent and release of liability along with the other forms.

General burial procedures

Islamic rules of burial and visitation

Expenses of the burial:

The burial services cost will be the cost of arrangements plus any unforeseen charges, and that will cover.

  • Opening and closing of the grave.
  • A biodegradable wooden box (if needed).
  • Transportation of the body from the holding place to the cemetery and funeral home charges.
  • Arrangement for washing the body.
  • Kafan (Shroud) and other materials to prepare the body for burial.
  • Death Certificate fee (to be obtained by the family).
  • Grave marker and any other materials.
  • Headstone expenses.

Procedures for burial request

  • Request for the burial will be made on the application form available at the any Islamic Center in Charlotte.
  • The application for burial should be accompanied by all required documents, such as:
    A. Hospital release certificate/ death certificate.
    B. Interstate transportation certificate if the body is brought from out of town.
  • The formal death certificate from the state shall be provided by the family within a month.