About Us

The Islamic Community Center of South Charlotte (ICCSC) was created in 2008. We are located on 11 beautiful acres in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

We do our best to please Allah (swt) by serving the spiritual, educational, and shared needs of a diverse growing Muslim population in the South Charlotte area.

We are currently serving Muslim families residing in South Charlotte, Pineville, Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Mint Hill, Matthews, Waxhaw, Weddington, Lake Wylie, and Tega Cay areas of the Carolinas.

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2023-2025 Leadership

Name Position
Sheikh Abdidahir Imam & Dawah
Issam Musa Board of Director**
Khaalis Rahman Board of Director
Mustapha Saoui Board of Director
Ronald Hough (Jibril) Board of Director
Samer Kaouk Board of Director
AbdelBar Moussafir Maintenance
Abeer Ibrahim Women's Education
Abdulrahman Shuli* Security
Ahmed Anakkar Finance
Alliza Haniff Women's Social
Bouna Cisse* New Construction
Farooq Hussain * Shura President
Izzeldin Shibeika* Shura Treasurer
Salah Abdalla Youth Program
Jamal Zoubir* Shura Secretary
Khaalis Ansaar* Community Outreach
Marlon Haniff* Shura Vice-President
Mehdi Wajih* Masjid Policies/Tech
Mohammed F. Konneh* Shura
Othman Comma* Shura
Rusydi Amar* Social Events
Salaheddine Elmarzouki* Welfare Program
Sally Adnan Sunday School Principal
Sameer Alzouby Sunday School Admin

*Denotes Elected Shura Member. Unmarked indicates Committee Head.

**More information on the Board of Directors

Our Vision

To be a model Muslim community that strives to attain the highest ideals by the adherence to the Qur’an and Sunnah.

Our Mission Statements

  • Help Muslims understand and practice Islam based on Qur'an and Sunnah.
  • Conduct religious, educational, social and other activities according to Islam.
  • Promote unity and joint action among Muslims.
  • Endeavor to make Islam known to non-Muslims.
  • Conduct the affairs of the ICCSC organization.

Majlis Al-Shura

The Shura is elected for a three (3) year term by the members of the Islamic Community Center of South Charlotte (ICCSC). The ICCSC Constitution and Bylaws describe the functioning of the Masjid and the various rights and responsibilities of the general members, the Shura, the Board of Directors and the administration team.

The Shura comprises a group elected from the general body to appoint, oversee, guide, and direct the work of the committees. The Shura members elect a Chairman, and a Vice-Chairman to help them implement their duties towards the organization.

Per the bylaws, the Shura meets twice a year (or as needed) and Committee Heads, along with President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer meet monthly.