2022 Shura Election Dispute

As-salaamu 'alikum ICCSC community members,

We would like to provide a summary and detailed explanation of recent events at the Masjid in order to clarify the confusion that has been circulating. At the heart of the dispute is a list of 20 names of people, from one ethnicity, that were proposed as preferred members to vote for in the November 2022 Shura Election. Many Shura members believed this was un-Islamic. This lead to a series of bad Islamic conduct and failure to condemn the list which resulted in membership removal of all 20 members. Subsequently, the group who proposed the list (Plaintiffs) filed a lawsuit against the Shura (Defendants), alleging that their removal violated the bylaws.

Islamically, arbitration conducted by knowelegeable Scholars is the preferred way to handle such disputes before going to a civil court. After unsuccessful mediation, the Shura agreed to arbitration, but Plaintiffs did not. Unfortunately, Plaintiffs began court action only two days after this dispute started and many days before their membership was revoked.

The matter now sits in the courts and a recent motion to dismiss Plaintiff's lawsuit was filed on the grounds that religious matters have no place in secular/civil court and decisions made by the governing body (Shura) are final.

The ICCSC Shura typically does not share confidential documents with the community. However, to put an end to the rumors and accusations that have been circulating, the Defendants are releasing documents to clarify what happened. It is the Islamic way to show the truth. The Defendants are providing a detailed timeline of the events below - all which is public information, as well as instructions on how to view all court documents. Most meetings were recorded and available to anyone.

Yours in Islam,
ICCSC Shura Board

Timeline of events...

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